Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Joseph Falbo, President and Financial Advisor for Falbo Wealth Management. I’m here to help you plan your next phase. Is your retirement really the end for you or is that actually a beginning of something wonderful that gives you the time, energy, and the plan to build the kind of life that you always wanted?

The Japanese have an interesting approach to the retirement phase of their life. Rather than using the word retirement to define the final stage of life, Japanese society has the concept of second life. This is the period of time in your life when your family responsibilities have changed and you can focus on your inner peace. It is a time when you get closer to your soul and dispense your wisdom to benefit younger generations. The next phase of your life gives you the opportunity for finding life meaning rather than resting. Achieving life balance over lopsided leisure. Realizing lifelong dreams over time filling fun.

You have the opportunity to build the kind of life that you want and accomplish some of the things that you dreamed of when you thought that you had all the time in the world. While we now know that our time is not without limit, we have the experience that we can apply to make each of our moments count. However, retirement planning is far more than simply putting your financial plan in place. It is also much more than building your bucket list as if you were planning for a 30 year long weekend.

If this next phase of your life is 30 years long, you have 10,950 days to learn, grow, have fun, and leave your legacy. Sign up today for a free PDF copy of my workbook, Your Second Life. This booklet coauthored by Barry LaValley of the Retirement Lifestyle Center will help you understand the benefits of planning ahead to build the life that you want.