Fifty Years, Three Bear Markets Video

In the last 50 years, investors have been subjected to three major market setbacks that saw the S&P 500’s value slashed by roughly 50% each. That kind of volatility is difficult for many investors to endure. Still, those with the fortitude to stay invested were rewarded with an S&P 500 that grew by an incredible 3500% during the same 50-year period. 

Navigating the world of investments can be challenging, especially when market trends seem unpredictable. In this webinar, Joe Falbo, CFP®, CRC®, AIF®, examines 50 years of bear markets, offering historical insights that shed light on present-day challenges. 

In it, he discusses these major concepts: 

  • Resilience over Retreat: How top U.S. stocks rebound after downturns
  • Investment Wisdom from the Past: Drawing strategies from history
  • Bracing for Market Rollercoasters: The mindset for market fluctuations
  • Choice in Uncertainty: Learn from the past, prepare for what's next

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