Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Joseph Falbo, president and financial advisor for Falbo Wealth Management, and I’m here to help you plan your next phase. What attitudes about money do you remember growing up with? What was the influence of your parents, grandparents, or guardians? As you age, there’s a tendency to fall back on the lessons you learned previously. When it comes to retirement spending, this can translate into looking at your money with the behavioral biases you were taught at a young age.

These biases can affect how you look at investing and saving money, reacting to risk, spending money on things that will make your retirement more comfortable, et cetera. However, on the flip side, they can also pre-warn you have a propensity to overspend or become disorganized with your finances. Remember that your advisor is at times an educator, a coach, a mentor, and a catalyst to help you do the right things to make your retirement as enjoyable as possible. Sign up today for a free PDF copy of my workbook, Your Second Life. This booklet, coauthored by Barry LaValley of the Retirement Lifestyle Center, will help you understand the benefits of planning ahead to build the life that you want.