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Falbo Wealth Management Planning Process

step1 intro call

1. Introductory Phone Call

Introductory meeting where we see if we can bring value to your circumstance and if it makes sense to move to our Education & Strategy Session.
step 2 education and strategy icon

2. Education & Strategy Session

Complimentary review of everything you need to know about planning for a 21st century retirement, review of the common myths that come with retiring, and a strategy session on the key retirement issues of today.
step 3 exploratory meeting icon

3. Exploratory Meeting

In-depth discussion designed to help you and all involved gain complete clarity on your goals, wants, needs, opportunities, and investment experience with the vision in mind of a life well-lived, whatever your definition.
step 3 exploratory meeting icon

4. VORRG Meeting

(V)ision Statement
(O)bstacles & Concerns
(R)etirement Lifestyle
Questions and Numbers
(R)isk Tolerance
(G)oal Setting

A review of all the tools and financial knowledge we need for us to plan collaboratively and create custom-made recommendations for your circumstance.

step 5 plan and strategies icon

5. Plan & Strategies Review

A review of our concise executive summary of recommendations and strategies that are tied to your life goals, values, wants, needs and opportunities, and circumstance.
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Implementation, ongoing reviews, & progress reports.

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