Video Transcripts

Hi. I’m Joseph Falbo, President and Financial Advisor for Falbo Wealth Management. I’m here to help you plan your next phase. I often see clients who come into my office and really don’t have any idea of what they are retiring to. That makes it tough for an advisor because clients aren’t clear on what they are planning for. Many have this idea that retirement planning is about how to finance a lifestyle that doesn’t include work. They have been told that they can retire on 75% of last year’s income in their first year of retirement and all that we have to do is figure out how to pay for that.

Many of today’s baby boomers enter their 50s with a different view of the world than previous generations. It is perhaps the most influential reason why their retirement picture will undergo such a paradigm shift as the baby boomers seek to redefine it. Boomers’ demands on the world they live in may force a variety of shifts in our culture. This includes health, vitality, wealth, changing nature of the workplace, poverty, social services, spiritual awakenings, leisure, family.

I want to ensure that my clients have the context needed to create a proper financial and investment plan. Sign up today for a free PDF copy of my workbook, Your Second Life. this booklet, coauthored by Barry LaValley of the Retirement Lifestyle Center, will help you understand the benefits of planning ahead to build the life that you want.